Friday, February 15, 2013

Explanations, Tears, Hopes, and Possibilities

Explanations, Tears, Hopes, and Possibilities

Hello old friends.  Hopefully there are still a few out there who remember this poor old neglected blog. There was a time when The Fictitious Cat popped back briefly on your radar screens back in 2012 with a post that threw some more humor at you and attempted to glaze over the large gulf between posts with a laugh.  It was a post that promised more to come.  A promise that failed to deliver.  Immediately. There was a moment in that post when I dropped the persona of Neyland D. Catt and explained that it had been a difficult time in real life and that maybe someday I would share that, but not that day.  Well, today is the day.

The time in between posts was marked by the loss of my dear sister.  It was a loss that rocked me to my foundations.  That was followed quickly by the loss of a dear uncle.  And also along the way, we lost Neyland.  I posted that return post in an attempt to move beyond tragedy and have a laugh again.  I figured I would carry on the blog as though Neylo were still around and nobody ever needed to be the wiser.  It was, to say the least, a bit premature.  There were other family tragedies and trials in there as well that I won't discuss because they are either too personal for me or my lovely wife.

Now then.  Time has rocketed forward in double or triple time and I have changed with it.  Not all in the recent past is tragedy and loss.  I found in awe and majesty the grace of Jesus Christ.  This isn't a blog about religion, so I'm not going to bash you over the head with my beliefs, however, in this rare, raw moment of writing as Bryan and not a fictitious cat, I will not hide from them either.  My time has been occupied with weightier matters, but God has also led me to a point where its OK to have a laugh again.  This period also saw us welcome into the world our amazing daughter!  She is truly a wonder and a blessing.  It was her reactions to a few of the cats that made me consider doing something with the old blog again.

We have also found ourselves graced (most certainly in their own minds) by the presence of a few new cats as well.  We lost Neyland and little Gracie, but gained Ulysses S. Catt, Miss Kitty Fantastico (yeah, a blatant Buffy rip-off), Luna the lunatic, and a whole clan of cats who don't live WITH us, but we inherited with the property.  I would greatly enjoy telling you all about Zira the cross-eyed cat.  But, Uli (as I call Ulysses) is the new star of the cat show.  He is an absolute beast of a cat who showed up not long after Neyland departed.  Quite honestly, he is like Neyland 2.0 in many ways.*

All of this has added up to the point that I'm still convinced that there is a great deal of humorous events in our world and that they can explained from the viewpoint of a snarky cat.  I'd like to continue the blog for that purpose and simply because it was FUN.  I'm not sure yet what that would look like though.  I have plenty of stories to tell.  They're all rattling around in my head.  I'd like nothing more than to let them out.  Hopefully, that will begin on as regular as possible a basis soon.  I can't and won't offer promises at this point.  Only my hopes and the very real possibilities.

At any rate, I felt that I at least owed you all some sort of explanation for the erratic posting of hopefully enjoyable tales over the years.  This post may yet turn out to be nothing more than a blip on your busy schedules that goes unnoticed.  I understand if that is the case.  Nevertheless, I have honored some small promise at least.  This is the real story behind the fictitious cat.

Best regards,

aka Big Pinkie

*Seriously, you didn't think I could go a whole post without one of these little asides did you?  It's my schtick.  The only time I could really be me in the midst of Neylo's crazy mixed-up writings!!  And seriously, Uli is like 2 of Neyland.  He's freakishly huge.  He has the paws of a Titan.


  1. That is seriously losts that has gone on. I am so sorry for the many losses but do hope the gains will make,you heart smile.

  2. I am so sorry for all of your loss. It must have been so hard to get the feeling to want to blog again. I hope that everything goes well in the future.

  3. Your blog is amazing! Thanks you so much for your creative inspirations and thank you for sharing.