About Me

A sideways view.  Get used to that.
Hello.  That handsome figure you see above, well, that's me.  I am Neyland D. Catt, a sophisticated modern cat who blogs.  That's right.  Cats can blog.  Google cats with blogs and you'll be quite shocked to discover that I am hardly as innovative as you might have first guessed.  There are lots of cat bloggers out there.  Many of them provide countless hours of warm fuzzy feelings with cute pictures, amusing anecdotes, or heartwarming tales of kitties that are unquestionably adorable.  You will find almost none of that here.

I spend my blogging days regaling you with tales of high adventure, my opinions on everything from Television to Hollywood to Politics to Urban Legends, and I will strive to entertain you any way I can, whether you want to be or not.  Many visitors to the site tell me that I am funny.  I'll roll with that, but it's not like I try to be.  Apparently, the natural state of my mind amuses most folks.

I live in a house in Tennessee with four other cats.  There is Tiger, my lone brother.  He is fat and eats all of my food, but he is my brother after all.  Gracie is the oldest sister.  She is scared of her own shadow, and so is rarely seen about the house.  Anime Jingle Socks is the ridiculously-named youngest sister.  She is petulant, annoying, and disturbingly cute.  Finally, there is Luna, the newest addition.  Luna is an older cat who arrived with some sob story about being left all alone out in the wild.  I don't trust her.  I am merely biding my time until I can reveal her for the scheming grifter that she is.  So, that pretty much sums up the family.

Oh.  Wait.  There is also a pair of humans.  The two nearly-furless uprights are named Big Pinkie (the male) and The Lady (the female).  Big Pinkie helps me maintain the blog.  I suppose that should afford him a modicum of respect.  It doesn't.  The Lady typically makes sure we are fed and snuggles with us.  Much respect.

So, this should be viewed as a brief introduction to the world of Neyland D. Catt.  Let it serve as a heartwarming welcome or as a warning of the madness you may find within.  Take a few minutes to look around.  I'm sure you'll find something interesting.

---Neyland D. Catt