Friday, December 24, 2010

Karlton The Christmas Kitty - Part Two


Karlton The Christmas Kitty Part Two
Neyland D. Catt

     Mr. Piggles, the overweight dandy cat, sat staring in bug-eyed astonishment at Karlton, who was aware that the pampered mass of perfumed fur in front of him had probably never even seen a street cat.  He certainly wasn't accustomed to being spoken to in such a tone.  Karlton lazily flexed the claws on his right paw.  Those lovingly sharpened claws wordlessly spoke volumes about the various things they could shred.  Mr. Piggles seemed concerned that there might be a chapter in one of the volumes about chubby housecats.

     "I'll say this again.  Where do you keep the tuna around here?" Karlton drawled deliberately as he slowly dragged his fore-claw across the hardwood floor.

     "Listen old boy, I don't have access to the tuna.  I just eat it when the humans bring it out!  They're the ones you want to talk to!" Mr. Piggles squealed.

     "Oh I'll be dealing with them soon enough.  I'm pretty sure I can convince them to bring me as much tuna as my little tummy can handle," Karlton replied.

     "Oh!  You won't hurt them will you?" the fat little cat panted.

     "Hurt them?  No!  I have other methods," Karlton smirked.

     The sudden reappearance of the middle aged housewife caused hope and fear to mingle in Mr. Piggles' eyes like singles at an office party.  He darted a furtive glance over to Karlton, who was suddenly wide eyed and innocent.  He made his way over to the star-struck woman and Mr. Piggles couldn't help but notice that he had quite suddenly acquired a limp.  Kartlton then proceeded to weave his way in and out of the woman's legs, lovingly brushing against her with a loud purr.  Mr. Piggles merely stood with his jaw gaping open as the woman nearly swooned and rushed back into the kitchen muttering about treats and tuna.

     The instant the woman was gone, Karlton spun quickly and fixed the fat cat with a glare full of malice.  He sauntered over slowly, all traces of a limp left behind.  He placed a single, sharp claw on the tip of Mr. Piggles' nose.

     "I feel like a nap tubby.  Where's your bed?  I just know you have one," he said smoothly.

     Mr. Piggles led him to the den, trembling all the while.  He stopped in the doorway and gestured feebly inside.  Karlton stepped inside and then stopped short as he stared in wonder at the sight within.  The vast warm space was decorated ceiling-to-floor with bright sparkling lights and greenery intertwined with shiny balls of glass.  In the midst of the invitingly fluffy furniture was a tall evergreen tree.  This majestic fir was covered in glittering tinsel, dazzling multi-colored lights, and more balls of glass that shone like diamonds.  Beneath it were parcels wrapped in paper of mind-numbing patterns.

     Karlton was so entranced that he almost missed the deeply padded bed next to the tree.  It was pink.  He stood looking at the bed for a moment and then slowly turned an enquiring gaze to Mr. Piggles, who merely dropped his head and tried to appear interested in the grain pattern of the floor.  Karlton looked back to the bed, shrugged, and sauntered over to it.  He stepped inside and made the customary three turns before dropping into the lavish comfort.  There was a roaring fire in the fireplace on the other side of the bed.  Its heat instantly made Karlton's eyes begin to droop.  He smirked at Mr. Piggles and began the hour long process of cleaning his fur.

     Many hours later, Karlton was dozing contentedly, his belly full of tuna and milk.  Mr. Piggles was safely hidden away in the next room.  It would almost be too cliche, but not quite, to say that visions of sugarplums danced in Karlton's head.  He almost woke when a distant scrabbling sound from high above intruded on his slumber.  He merely shook it off and went back to sleep, however.  He was not so successful when a loud thump, followed in short order by a surprised yelp, broke the silence of the room.  His eyes snapped open instantly and all claws were at the ready.  He darted quick glances from side to side until he found the source of the sound.  He stared in amazement at the sight he saw there.  Standing next to the chimney was a short, round man dressed in red trimmed with white, frantically trying to douse the fire on his pants legs!


Part Three is coming right up!
--Neyland D. Catt

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  1. Good story, we can;t wait for the next part. Have a very Merry Christmas.