Monday, December 7, 2009

An Introduction of Sorts...

Greetings all!

My name is Neyland D. Cat and I bid you warm welcome to my little blog. Here I will be sharing my thoughts and my adventures with the world at large. I promise that you will have as much fun as the cat who stumbled into a mouse fat farm. (Lucky schmuck!)

Sadly, there isn't a lot to say on this, my first-ever post. The female pinkie (human) is at work, and the Big Pinkie (male human) seems to be angry at me for re-asserting my dominance over the other cats. He calls it "spraying the walls". What a jackass. Perhaps he has formed some sort of alliance with one of the other cats. I must be vigilant!

Speaking of the other cats...I suppose I should give some introduction to those who share my life here at our humble cat ranch. First off there is Tiger (you'll notice I will typically use their human-names as I myself do. It just makes life easier). Tiger is a fatty. He would be totally cheesed at me for saying so in a post, but that's what he gets for not paying more attention to how to work Big Pinkie's computer. He is always trying to show me up by "being good" in the eyes of the pinkies. He's younger than me but I can still take him in a fight.

Next is Gracie. She's a runt, a scaredy-cat, and an annoyance. Basically I have managed to control her presence through ample use of fear-tactics and have limited her activity to the pinkies' bedroom. Not much else to say about her really.

Finally, there is Anime. Yeah. Spelled like that. The pinkies thought it was cute because she had big Japanese-anime styled eyes when she first arrived. That's only one of her names. Her full list is: Anime Jingle Socks, Slinky McFuzz, Fluffy Butt, the Slinkster, and Little Bitty McKitty. Yeah. Big Pinkie is hilarious. Ha. Ha. He's lucky she doesn't carve him up like a turkey while he's sleeping. Sleeping...hmm.

OK. It's officially Mid-Morning Nap time. I will try to squeeze in another post before Kitty Siesta. Or maybe before Afternoon Cat-Nap. Or before Evening Lounge. Anyway, can't stop yawning. Adieu.

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