Tuesday, December 8, 2009

SY FY's Alice, from a cat's perspective

Greetings all,

I have returned again to post more insight from the mind of a feline. I thought that I might change things up a bit today and give you a cat's-eye critique of the Sy Fy Channel's "Alice". This is partly because I feel it would be enlightening to all of you pinkies out there, but also I basically slept all day long and have nothing else to talk about.

First off, we'll talk about the cast. The pinkie playing Alice seemed to have different colored fur than I recall from the book, but she did appear to have a soft lap so I give a few points there. Most of the cast seemed to speak with "British" accents. As a cat, I heartily approve. If pinkies were able to understand us in our native tongue, you would find that all cats have a "British" accent. That is one of the multitude of reasons that we are sophisticated.

As for the other members of the cast, well...honestly...they all looked alike to me. So, on to the sets and special effects. The sets were marvelous. Most of the story is set in a skyscraper city connected by narrow ledges. Perfect for climbing and exploring or sneaking away for a nap when no one is looking. The effects were so-so. They had a CGI Tim Curry that really wasn't all that believable as we all know Tim Curry died years ago. The Jabberwock was pretty good though.

So finally, let's talk plot. There is a chick pinkie named Alice. She goes somewhere because of another male pinkie. I suppose she must have been in heat, but it never really seems to say in the story. She has a shiny toy that other pinkies want and they do lots of talking and sometimes chasing. Along the way she runs into the guy who used to be Max Headroom and Chief O'Brien from Star Trek. Everyone is very mean to her until the Cheshire Cat swoops in to save the day. That's pretty much what I got from it anyway. Honestly, I was drifting in and out except for the bits with the cat or whenever there was a rodent onscreen.

So all in all, I give it two paws up for good use of rodents, great scenery, and the fact that there were several laps that I wouldn't mind curling up in for a nap. My "brother" Tiger gives it two paws up and a catnip treat as well, but Tiger is a fatty. Besides, I'm pretty sure he slept through the whole thing and misunderstood what the question was.

So. There you have it. My first review. I expect critical acclaim for my work any day now.

Buenos Noches Mi Amigos,

Neyland D. Cat

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