Monday, September 13, 2010

Big Pinkie's Big Day Out... Part One

Hello again, kids. Hope you had a fine weekend. I certainly did! I went almost 23 hours straight without waking up. That's what I call a weekend. So, last week, Big Pinkie and The Lady celebrated Labor Day by taking a vacation. This seems a bit contradictory to me. It would seem more appropriate to celebrate "Vacation Day" by taking a vacation and to celebrate "Labor Day" by getting off your lazy hindquarters and doing some hard manual labor. (Preferably cleaning my room and fetching me something to eat!)

Contradictory naming aside, the notion of "vacation" is a hideously frightening thing for felines. Everyone packs up and leaves for an indeterminate period of time and we are left to fend for ourselves with the help of some stranger. Tomorrow I shall regale you with a horrifying tale of what happened to us while the nearly-furless uprights were away. Today, however, I merely wish to embarrass them by showing pictures from their little trip and mocking their goof-ocity (Yeah, it's a word. I use it all the time.)

Apparently, they travel to a faraway city called Catlanta to attend a "convention" for nerds. This geekfest is known as DragonCon. This fanciful title calls forth imagery of perilous battles against fire-breathing reptiles, but in fact there is not a single dragon to found in their photos. Instead, there are people dressed like doofs and not a single cat in sight. The reason for the lack of felines is this: we have no problem with science fiction or comic books, but we are violently allergic to fanboys. Below are some photos of Big Pinkie and The Lady's big weekend out. Mock away. I know I did.

Neyland D. Catt

Big Pinkie and The Lady on the left.  What a pair of punks.

Big Pinkie and a comic book author.  Even comic book authors look cool next to Pinkie.
Where the heck is the Cheshire Cat??

See you cats and cat wanna-be's tomorrow.  I'm on geek overload.

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  1. Wow, we just came back from Atlanta too, except we're pet nerds, we went to the Bark World Expo...I know, I'm a cat, but someone had to represent us!