Sunday, November 14, 2010

Introducing Luna the Looney... plus I'm on facebook now!

Yes. You read that title correctly. I have joined the vast horde of lemmings streaming gleefully to the edge of the cliff. I have joined facebook. We haven't posted anything in a while now because, frankly, it takes a while for cats to learn how to use facebook. It doesn't seem to be designed with feline physiology or thought processes in mind. Go figure. More evidence of the anti-cat bias. Another reason we have been absent from the interwebs is that we have had to acclimate to Luna's arrival. We now tolerate her presence, but only on an interim basis. I have explained to her that she must conform to our established system or she may be traded for several cans of moist cat food and a kitten to be named later.

So. Luna. She came into the household as a scrawny, half-starved cat who was more than a little jumpy. Now she has calmed down a bit and claimed most of Anime's old haunts. Needless to say, this has not pleased Anime. At all. She refuses to be in the same room with Luna for more than a few seconds at a time. Gracie is oblivious to her presence, as we basically keep Gracie contained in the bedroom anyway. Tiger has warmed to her somewhat. That's his role. The peacemaker. Everybody's pal. The fat kid who wants everyone to be his friend.*

Luna hanging out on Anime's blanket.  Sucks to be Anime.

Luna seems to be particularly smitten with Big Pinkie. I suspect that this is merely a ploy to find an easy mark in the household with which to gain some leverage. Pinkie is a sucker.** She still has the sniffles and sounds like a veteran smoker when she meows. Maybe she actually was a smoker. Who knows with this cat?  At least she has finally figured out what the litter box is for.

So about this facebook thingy...  if you are on there (and I must assume that if you are breathing then you are) come visit my page.  Maybe even like it.  Better yet, recommend it to a friend.  That would pay them back for all the crap they are always posting on your wall that you aren't really interested in.  There should be a badge and all of that crap over on the right side of the page.  Hopefully, you know how to use them.  I know I don't.  They might even work.  I promise you that I won't invite you to play any games or spam you six ways from Sunday.

Come back tomorrow.  I have lots planned for the week.  Really.  I really do this time.

Neyland D. Catt

* Neyland actually managed to sum this up pretty well for a change.  No exaggerations or anything.  A rare glimpse of true insight.  Mark it on your calendars.

** This is totally not true.  I rarely fall for pyramid schemes these days.  I also don't believe everything I see on TV.

                                           ---Big Pinkie

A bonus Luna picture.  No extra charge.  This time.


  1. Luna is lovely! We're glad to see she's settling in...sort of. Ah, life in a multiple-kitty household. What fun. :-P

    As for FB, don't assume! Our mom refuses to join or even let us join!

  2. Aww, Luna looks quite content now. I'm so glad.

    I don't know about Facebook. Other people have promised similar things in the past and then all of a sudden I have twenty-three invites to fill out a quiz to see what race car I should drive. But maybe I'll give you a chance. ;-)

  3. No worries Kristine! I'm suspicious of everything and everyone on Facebook! That's why it took me so long to join. They're all out to get me!

    P.S. Apparently I would drive a Ferrari. It must be true if it was in a quiz!

  4. Hi! I'm a new follower from the Monday Hop. Come by and say hi sometime :)