Monday, November 1, 2010

Catching Up

Well... here we are again. Monday. Garfield can stuff it. Mondays are alright by me. Time to catch up after what has been a very busy week and weekend. First up is the new addition... Luna.

Yes. Thats right my friends, there is a new cat in our household and her name is Luna. Because she is Looney. Looney as a loon cake.* I will have a picture of said sociopath tomorrow. I personally do not condone her presence in my neatly ordered little world. At the moment there is not a lot I can do other than complain. The time will come however... I am a patient cat. Luna constantly howls for attention and sounds like a cat who has smoked three packs of cigarettes a day for the last ten years. She also seems to have some difficulty figuring out how the litter box works. How hard can it be?? Deposit. Cover. Repeat as needed. I do, however, find a great deal of amusement from watching her shred various parts of Big Pinkie's body with her Wolverine-like claws. The dude looks like he lost a street fight with a weedeater. Things are tense at the moment and there is a tenuous truce of sorts. Gracie stays in the western portion of the house, Luna stays in the eastern, and the rest of us own the territories in between. It's like a Feline Gaza Strip.

In other news, tomorrow is election day. Heathcliff and Bill the Cat have once again been left off the ballots by the human-centric political machine. Despite this disgusting oversight, everyone should get out and vote. It doesn't matter if you are a Republicat or a Democat, it's your duty as an Americat to vote. Just don't vote for any armadillos. They don't know how to govern.

Lindsey Lohan will once again be avoiding jail time. One more go around in rehab. Anyone remember the definition of insanity?

Finally, I regret to say that I will be joining the ranks of the facebookers very soon. This frightens me and fills me with shame. I really didn't want to contribute to the proliferation of social media, but apparently the anti-social media movement is just not catching on. I'll let you all know how to find me on facebook when I have completed the paperwork and have officially sold out.

See you tomorrow with pictures of Luna and other stuff.

Neyland D. Catt

*Neyland doesn't do too well with sayings like this. I offered "nutty as a fruit cake" but was rebuffed. Thankfully, I was able to prevent "crazier than a tree full of crazies" and "crazy as a hybrid car with nuts in the trunk". I just don't think he gets the concept.


  1. loved it!
    Can't wait to see photos of the new kitty!!!
    When you "sell out" and join Facebook be sure to "friend" me! Caren Osrin Gittleman is my name on Facebook!

    Cat Chat

  2. New kitty needs a pic, we wanna see too!

  3. Heh. Facebook isn't completely selling your soul. Only half. ;-)

  4. Yep we want to see a new kitty also!

    Nubbin wiggles,