Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Christmas Neyland D. Cat

Gather round my little friends, whether you be furry or furless, and attend with eager ears as I lift your holiday spirits with a poetic verse.

That Night Afore Christmas

'Twas the night afore Christmas and all through my house,
I was stealthily stalking a succulent mouse.
Big Pinkie and the Lady were all tucked in their bed,
fat Tiger the cat draped o'er Big Pinkie's head.
Gracie and Anime watched me with glee,
as I cornered yon mouse 'neath the bright Christmas Tree.
The mouse gave a cry to alight upon a limb,
I grinned and sure-footedly climbed up after him.
Gracie exclaimed "Neyland look out!"
After seeing my skills, how could she doubt?

The mouse lit upon on a shiny red ball,
I stared in horror as I watched it's slow fall.
The mouse ran away as the ball started to shatter,
then the rest of the tree fell with a thunderous clatter.
I turned to find Anime and Gracie had fled,
Big Pinkie from the hall staring, his face was quite red.
I ran through the house pursued by the angry human male,
I fled away fleetly, tinsel waving from my tail.
I tried to explain that I was after a rat,
but try as I may he wouldn't buy that.
He said "You tore down the tree and thought it was fun!"
"That's not true!" I exclaimed, "The rat had a gun!"
And so here we are, my tale now is told,
I spent the remainder of Christmas... outside in the cold.

Merry Christmas to all,
and to all a good nap!

Neyland D. Cat

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