Sunday, December 20, 2009

Old Man Winter!

At last, my foe--my deadliest and most reviled nemesis, has made a critical error. He has allowed his name to be revealed to me! Yesterday, the temperature was horrendously low and the dreaded snow flakes began to fall from the sky. Like most cats, I have heard the terrifying tales of cats frozen solid instantly by the icy touch of those gently falling flakes of doom. So, of course, I remained safely huddled in the house throughout the nerve-wracking affair. I was curled on the couch, steadfastly pretending to be elsewhere, when I heard Big Pinkie talking casually about the weather. "So, Old Man Winter has arrived at last," he said with a goofy smug grin. He stood there like a doof, with a mug of cocoa in his hand staring blankly outside. BUT... he gave me the vital piece of the puzzle that I have been searching for for years--the name. Old Man Winter.

Names have power and now have put a name to my arch foe. I will use this to my advantage. I will seek out this "Old Man Winter" and end his reign of terror once and for all. I gathered my companions to tell them of this momentous occasion. Tiger got hungry in the midst of the meeting and left to bury his face in the kibble dish. Anime felt the need to clean herself while I was still talking. Gracie fled at the very mention of Old Man Winter. My companions are no help. I must do this alone. Very well. I will not shirk the burden of history. I will tread this treacherous path alone, a solitary soldier. If you are reading this Old Man Winter, I am coming for you. Let the hunt begin.

Neyland D. Cat

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