Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hello again!

Hello all, Big Pinkie here. I'm filling in for Neyland D. Catt for today by special request.
Obviously, it has been a really, really, really long time since we have posted anything.
It is my job to explain and then promise you that there won't be any more gaps like this
again. So... here goes...

The past year has been an extremely difficult one for our entire household. More deaths
in the family than I care to recall at the moment. Some of them were people VERY near and
dear to us. It has taken a great deal of time to overcome this barrage of loss. However, I feel
we are ready to move forward.

Also, Neyland himself has been quite sick. Nearly lost him a couple of times. I wasn't sure
how I would feel about continuing the blog should something happen to him, but I think
perhaps it would be the best way I could remember him. Hopefully, that issue will not face me
for some time yet, as the little guy is currently staring me down with a relentlessly bored glare.

If any of you are still occasionally checking in to see if that crazy fictitious cat has finally posted something
new, then you have my deepest apology for the long wait and my greatest thanks for being
interested. Two promises: 1. No more nearly year-long gaps between posts. 2. No more
breaking character and speaking as Big Pinkie (at least not for a while!)

Thanks to you all! Tomorrow.... The Return of Neyland!!!!!

Big Pinkie (aka Bryan)

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