Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Musical Cats

Hello gang!  Here's a brief post on cats, music, and music lovers.  While visiting some of my cat blogging friends recently, I came across some mentions of bands like the Beatles and the Monkees.  This sparked a whole range of thoughts in my ginormous brain.  Why do humans name their bands after animals?  Why can't they spell said animals names correctly?  Who are the great feline musicians of our time?  After much reflection, I have some answers.

First of all, humans name their bands after animals because the animal kingdom is far more musically gifted than the human race.  Did you know that Eric Clapton learned to play the guitar from the legendary German Shepherd virtuoso Mr. Tuffles?  It's true.  The animal kingdom has not named a musical act after humanity since the failed experiment of "The Nearly-Hairless Bipeds From The Genus Homo-Sapiens".  The name just didn't look right on billboards.

Second point is that humans simply can't spell.  Spellcheck was invented by a cat named Rufus J. Snuggleball the third in an attempt to correct this deficiency.  Unfortunately, humans don't use it.

The third issue is that of feline musical acts in the modern age.  I don't mean the Stray Cats either.  Tufty and Ginger are probably the most well known, but Slinky McFuzz and the Barn Cats are definitely the most talented.  When it comes to live performances, you just can't go wrong with Electric Catnip.

Of course, there are some surprisingly good human bands out there as well.  Locksley is a simply fantastic independent group that sound quite a lot like a modern version of the Beatles.  Their music makes you want to shake your tail.  I'm not saying this because I know them or have any affiliation with them.  Big Pinkie took me to one of their concerts and I was genuinely blown away.  They aren't named after animals, but they are good despite that fact.  Check them out if that kind of music is your thing.  Try their album Be In Love.

That's all for now.  I'm off to start my own band called the Catles.  Anime Jingle Socks has been working hard on the guitar.

Neyland D. Catt


  1. Sad news indeed! Music will never be the same. Anybody know what species Britney Spears is?

  2. I hadn't heard about Leonard Skinner, that's sad.