Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halloween Tales To Terrify!

Greetings brave soul and welcome to Neyland's Haunted House of Terror!  Today I will tell you a tale to make your fur stand on end.  We now present to you a ghastly series of supernatural events known only as... The Headless Mouse!

     It was just before midnight in the old house on the hill and Tiger the cat was creeping through the darkened hallways.  The two humans who occupied the house were gone overnight, so Tiger was alone in the house except for his sister Anime, who was sleeping in the bedroom.  Tiger was hungry and was on his way to the kitchen to find a snack.  Surely there was kibble left in his dish or perhaps even some forgotten morsel dropped by the clumsy man.
     He had found his dish half-empty and was about to dig in when he heard a strange sound from outside.  He glanced to the glass door that led onto the deck and saw the trees swaying wildly in a fierce wind.  The stars were hidden from view by dark clouds that raced across the night sky.  The wind began to moan through the tiny openings around the door's frame.  He shuddered and backed away from the frightening scene.  Storms terrified Tiger and this one looked to be a bad one.  A forked trail of lightning lit up the yard momentarily and he bolted from the room.
     He found Anime sitting up groggily on the floor of the bedroom.  She looked as though she had been startled awake.  "Sounds like a storm," she said.
     "Yeah.  I think it's going to be a bad one," Tiger replied.  He shivered and huddled close to his sister.
     "What's your deal?"  Anime inquired, taken aback.  "Dude.  You're shaking."
     "I saw something outside.  I think it was coming towards the house!"  Tiger exclaimed, the fear apparent in his voice.  He wasn't sure what he had seen, but there was no doubt that a small, shadowy figure had indeed been moving in the night.  There was a sudden scratching at the window.  Both cats darted for the safety of the hallway.
     "What was it?" Anime demanded.  She stared toward the window anxiously.  Tiger's eyes never left it.  He was thankful that the blinds were drawn so that he did not have to see whatever had made the noise, but was frightened of the unknown on the other side.
     "I don't know what it was, but I think we have to find out," Tiger told his sister, trying to sound confident.  His heart was racing with fear, but he had meant those words.  He would have to find out.  He cautiously retraced his steps back into the kitchen, the glass door looming like a giant mouth in the wall.  Anime trailed behind tentatively.
     The wind was even stronger, whipping the trees about in some mad frenzy.  Lightning lit up the sky again and for just the briefest of moments Tiger thought he saw a tiny shape near the deck.  As quick as it had appeared, it was gone.
     "Did you see that?" Tiger whispered.
     "Yeah.  What was it?" Anime asked in return.
     "I'm not sure.  It was small.  Small and fast.  I'm going out to have a look.  You stay here," he said, forcing his voice to remain calm.
     "No way!  That's what the stupid humans always do in scary movies!" Anime retorted.
     Tiger ignored her protest and went to the door.  He stood on his hind legs and grasped the knob with his paws to give a twist.  He had always been able to do this trick.  It was something that baffled the humans he lived with.  The door swung out violently as the wind caught it, slamming it hard against the frame.  Anime squealed and ran for the bedroom, leaving Tiger alone with the night.
     Tiger swallowed hard and stepped into the swirling wind.  He darted fearful glances to both sides as he stepped onto the deck.  Nothing but the bushes rustling in the gale.  He started to walk toward the steps but stopped suddenly as he heard a sound coming from just beyond the railing.


Tiger froze in place, his heart thundering in his ears.  He pleaded with his legs to carry him back inside, but still he was rooted in place.



Tiger's eyes widened as the tiny shadow began to rise up over the top step, the horrible sound growing ever nearer.


The shadow stood on the top step now, having clawed its way onto the deck.  The lightning flared again and there revealed in the white light was the ghastly image of a headless mouse!  It slowly walked toward Tiger, its tiny claws scraping against the weathered wood of the deck.  Tiger watched with narrowed eyes as it drew nearer.  It reared up on its hind legs and... Tiger ate it.  Then he went back inside to find dessert.


So there you have it folks!  The first of our Halloween Tales To Terrify!  That was one scary story!  Tiger will eat anything!  His appetite is the most frightening thing I have ever witnessed!  See you tomorrow...

Neyland D. Catt


  1. That was quite the story, very well written indeed...several of my writer friends would be impressed!

  2. I'm one of Brian's writer friends...Well done! I love the twist at the end with going back for dessert. :-o