Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Anniversary and New Friends!

Howdy.  It's your old pal Neyland again.  That's right.  You can't escape me.  Not even on the internet.
So, Big Pinkie is STILL dealing with the aftermath of Stonezilla.  He has to keep the stint in for another week.  My maniacal laughter doesn't seem to make him feel any better.  Go figure.

I had a sudden epiphany yesterday.  Boy did it hurt.  Seriously though, I came to a sudden realization that due to Pinkie's medical issues, we had completely missed our one year blog anniversary!  I know!  It's a tragedy!  So, we will try our best to make the rest of this month special in honor of the occasion.  It was roughly one year ago that I slinked my way into your lives for better or worse.  We will be re-posting some of our favorites as well as bringing some amusing new material your way.  We will try our best to make it worth your while to come back and visit.
In other news, we have a blog that we would like to spotlight this week.  On The Go Dinners is a new blog started by our friend Mel.  She is new to the blogosphere and needs a few new followers.  You guys are the best out there, so I'd consider it a personal favor* if you would stop by her blog.  She is currently starting a food delivery business and is posting her menus there, but will also be sharing her kitchen adventures as well!

That's all for today kids.  A bit brief, I know, but Big Pinkie is whining again and Tiger is eating all of my food.  Back tomorrow to spread some holiday cheer!

--Neyland D. Catt

*Neyland fancies himself some sort of Mafia Don at the moment.  He's taking favors and grudges seriously.  Please do what he says.  Mafioso cats are not to be trifled with.


  1. Hi! I'm following from the blog hop.
    I'd love a follow back at


  2. Happy Blogaversery! Hope Big Pinkie feels better soon!

  3. We missed our own blogiversary, too...and we weren't even sick...

  4. I'm not following you from the blog hop...because you're stalking me you shifty cat. ;)

    Thanks for the shout out!

  5. Happy blogiversary! I just had my one year last weekend.
    I have 4 cats, and so far none of them have taken over my blog. However, my dog had a go this past Tuesday. Personally, I thought he was a little bit whiney.

  6. I'm a new follower, will you follow me?

  7. Hi I am a new follower from blog hop. Happy blogaversary