Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Letters from the edge #5

Hello all and welcome to the halfway point of another week.  You're almost to the weekend.  Don't give up now.  Today brings another installment of Letters from the edge.  However, this time we are going to respond to comments from some of our lovely readers and not the strange stuff we find in our e-mail inbox.*  We have not changed the names to protect the guilty.  If you don't want your comment printed in future editions, just let me know.  I will cower before your righteous anger and bend to your will.  Let's begin...

We're wondering if you're writing a book. If not, do seriously consider it. And what about your film?


Well Kea, we are indeed considering writing a book.  There are, however, several problems.  First and foremost is the fact that no one would publish it.  This is closely followed by the fact that no one would read it if it were.  The third issue is that we are basically lazy and have enough trouble keeping up with a blog.  If there are ever enough people interested in reading a book by Neyland D. Catt, we might have to suck it up and do a little work.

As for the film... work continues on the project, but animation is sadly a slow process.  Computers and some really great software have sped up the process greatly, but it is still tedious and labor-intensive.  We are probably looking at sometime around Christmas for the debut.  Always nice to hear from you Kea and thanks for your support!

I have to say that Heathcliff is definitely a much better cat than Garfield... although I'm prone to say that his comic self could attempt to stay out of trouble a little more often... his lawyer fees must cost his family an arm and a leg ;)

I agree completely.  I don't want to start an anti-Garfield/pro-Garfield war here though.  Let's save that energy for Lady GaGa and her diabolical friends.  Good ol' Heathcliff probably bankrupted his family.  I'm assuming that's why he is no longer on the air.  He's probably hanging out with MC Hammer and Willie Nelson trying to regain some of their former glory and financial stability.  Maybe they can organize a fund raising concert!

We feel you bring a bit of something akin to Monty Python's Flying Circus crossed with Pee Wee Herman's Playhouse to the CB...keep it coming!
Teri and the cats of Furrydance

Wow!  That's high praise indeed!  Now I can't stop imagining what it would have been like if Pee Wee Herman were a member of the Monty Python troupe.  I'm not sure if it would have been entertaining or disturbing!  Pee Wee and the Holy Grail would have been a timeless classic though.  Probably would have won an Oscar.

I liked your Cheerz and Jeerz...well, I liked the cheerz!

Thanks Brian!  We love hearing from you!  The Cheerz and Jeerz post seemed to be pretty popular.  We are probably going to make that another of our semi-regular features.  Nothing here is on a very regular schedule.  We are very much flying by the seat of our pants!  And I don't even wear pants!**

I am your newest follower from the blog hop!  Follow me back!!!!!
too many to list here@mostblogs

All right!  At last I have a follower!  Maybe soon I will even have a disciple!  Now then my follower, you must follow my orders very carefully.  Even if they sometimes involve personal peril.  If you follow my lead then the western hemisphere will soon be under our control!  Wait a minute... follow you back?  I don't think you understand how this works.  One of us has to be the leader.  Me.  Oh.  Big Pinkie just explained this one to me.  He's worried that the person that posted this comment might not want it to be printed.  I explained that they probably will never read it anyway.  Thanks to all of you who have commented since this blog started!  You make it worth our while!

Come back tomorrow for another Halloween Tale To Terrify!***

Neyland D. Catt

* I don't even know where the stuff we find in our inbox comes from.  Seriously... whoever you are, we don't want to buy any viagra!

** Don't let Neylo fool you.  He sometimes wears pants.  Tiny little pants.  They are green.  I will pay for this comment later.

*** Yeah.  I know.  We promised this like two weeks ago.  Remember, we are basically lazy.

                                    ----Big Pinkie



  1. This is so funnnnny:) I love it! and I def. doubt that person demanding a follow back will even read so.....i guess they will never know that your publishing:) teeeeeeeee! hahahaha have a good day love!

  2. Well, Sparkle and Fin both are published author cats, so we think you'd have an audience for a book. We suspect the truth is that your human is just too lazy. MOL!

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