Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Please allow me to re-introduce myself...

Hello to familiar faces, freshly acquired friends, and those just stopping by to see what the hubbub is all about.  It has been suggested that I should re-introduce myself, as there are a lot of new folks buzzing around the place.  It's quite possible that it might be a little confusing for newcomers who stumble into the middle of a rant about Garfield or the Biggest Loser.  So here goes:

I am Neyland D. Catt.  Yes.  A cat.  A feline.  There are tons of cats out there with blogs and many of them have been at this for lots longer than I have.  There is a community of sorts.  On most of these blogs you will find humorous pictures of cats, heartwarming stories, and useful tips.  They are wonderful.  Sadly, you will find almost none of that here.

Despite my best efforts, it would appear that we have a few semi-regular features here on the blog.  We have a fan letter column, inexplicably titled Letters From The Edge.  Cheerz and Jeerz will be returning soon as will another Urban Legends post.  Basically, I live in a household with two humans called Big Pinkie and the Lady, three other cats called Tiger, Anime, and Gracie, and I share stories about myself and the rest of the gang as well as my views on entertainment, pop culture, world events, and everything else under the sun.

Many visitors to the blog tell me that I'm funny.  This is quite odd, as I never intend to be humorous.  That's just the way my mind works.  Big Pinkie, on the other hand, seems to fancy himself quite the jokester.  He sometimes rips off Terry Pratchett by way of the little asterix gimmick.*

*This would be the little asterix gimmick he is referring to.  If you know of Terry Pratchett, I'm sure you will agree that he does it better.**

**If you know Terry Pratchett personally... please don't tell him.  We are allergic to lawyers.

Yeah.  That was annoying right?  Anyway.  I am a cat blogger who is here to entertain you.  I will use all that I have at my disposal to make that happen.  If you're not sure if this blog is for you, then take a few minutes to look back at some of our older posts.  We have had some doozies.  I have told terrifying halloween tales, interviewed a celebrity (which has turned into an all out war with Lady Gaga), written poetry, given insight into the Biggest Loser and Dancing With the Stars, and even occasionally posted a cute picture of a cat.

I think you will find something here to entertain you.  Please join us.  We are not a cult.  However, your adoration and worship is welcome.

Neyland D. Catt
A slightly sidewise view.  Get used to that.


  1. Neyland, may I compliment you and say you are most handsome. I look forward to reading more of your perspective on things.


  2. Thanks for participating in weird me wednesday blog hop Please take a moment to stop back by and grab the blog hop button to share with your followers!! I am now one of your followers, I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  3. Hi,

    Just stopping by from the Wednesday Blog Hop and following your blog.

  4. Following from Catch a Wave Wednesday! You're so cute, I love orange cats.

  5. Neyland ~ greetings, my feline friend. Following from midweek blog hop. Drop by when you get a chance, there may be a mouse in it for you!! :)

  6. I'm a HUGE cat love and this has to be one of The best intros and cutest blogs I've ever seen. <3

    Thank you for linking up with bassgiraffe's Thoughts. I'm a new follower

  7. You are so cute! Can not wait to hear more about you!

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  9. Hi! I'm a new follower! Love your blog! Cannot wait to read more!